Student Involvement
Firestarters are student peer educators who assist in developing and implementing programs for the campus community that foster dialogue on issues of identity, gender and healthy relationships. Firestarters promote open and inclusive discussion, and encourage their peers to respect the inherent dignity and equality of every member of the Notre Dame family.

Firestarters are peer educators and student leaders who help the GRC plan programs. The time commitment is typically 2-5 hours per week including one meeting per week. Each Firestarter group is led by a paid student Program Assistant and a paid Senior Fellow. Having fulfilled the below expectations, Firestarter members will receive a stipend of $200 at the end of each semester.


  • Represent the mission, vision and values of the GRC as a student leader
  • Function within a leadership cohort in the GRC
  • Help plan and execute educational programs and events

Firestarter Group Members will:

  • Attend the all-student leader retreat at the beginning of the semester
  • Develop, implement, and support programs and initiatives on behalf of the GRC

Each Firestarter Group Member will have responsibilities in two primary areas: Group Programs and Initiatives, and overall GRC programs and initiatives.

Firestarter Leadership Programs and Initiatives

  • Each member will be assigned to one of the four Firestarter groups: Healthy Relationships, Gender Equity & Intersectionality, LGBTQ Initiatives, and Masculinities & Authenticity.
  • Each member will be responsible for meeting with the large group and small group every week at 9:00 pm
  • Each member will attend all of the group’s events throughout the semester

GRC Programs and Initiatives  

  • Each member will assist with two major GRC events of their choice.
  • Each member will assist with the Firestarter Recruitment Process.
  • Deliver and hang informational/marketing materials to the residence halls and academic buildings at the discretion of the GRC full-time staff for Firestarter Programs
  • All of the duties and responsibilities will be designed and assigned at the discretion of the Senior Fellow, Program Assistant, and Assistant Director/Director.

Interested in becoming a FIRE Starter?

Interested in becoming a FIRE Starter? Apply today! Please email if you have any questions.

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